A household pet can bring joy to a family, and in some cases, they make a family.

Bailey's Champs

We’re pleased to provide the following grants to Bailey’s Champs, caring, competent providers and organizations that are building capacity, creating opportunities that strengthening the importance of the human-animal bond in personal, occupational, and therapeutic capacities, and promoting responsible, loving pet-ownership.

Grants 2023

Grants Awarded January 2023

SNIP Collier, Inc.
$10,000 To purchase and distribute dog, and cat food, vaccines, and medical supplies to tend to the illnesses and injuries rescued pets have sustained due to Hurricane Ian.

Gulf Coast Humane Society
$7,000 To replace vaccines and medicines that expired during Hurricane Ian as well as purchase and distribute litter, dog, and cat food to community members in need of basic supplies.

Flower City Critters
$7,000 to be used towards routine veterinary services to prepare community kittens and cats for adoption and to return feral cats to their colonies.

Pet Adoption Network, LTD
$5,000 to be used towards veterinary expenses covering basic evaluations and necessary emergency surgeries required in preparation for adoption.

RocDog, Inc.
$3,000 to be used to rescue, vet, train, and places dogs as Therapy Support Dogs for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, as well as other visual or hearing impairments.