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double rule

Grant Application Guide


double rule

Grant application deadlines for each quarter are as follows:

1st Quarter: December, 2016
2nd Quarter: March 21st, 2017
3rd Quarter: June 20th, 2017
4th Quarter: September 19th, 2017

Please call or e-mail Evalyn Gleason with any questions:

To Apply Online Click Here

The instructions below are intended to help the applicant address pertinent information for successful proposal submission and to frame the application in such a manner that it highlights areas of importance to the Golisano Foundation.

APPLICATION FORM (download .PDF) | GUIDE (download .PDF)

I. Cover Letter

In one page or less, the cover letter should address the following as appropriate:

II. Proposal Narrative

 1 – Program/Project Summary

2 – Target Population

3 – Intended Outcomes

4 – Service Delivery Strategy

5 – Collaboration

 6 – Please indicate if/how the program/project will address the following:

7 – Use of Grant  

8 – Representative Success Story 

III. Theory of Change/ Program Logic Model

In this section, please create a theory of change model (logic model) of the submitted proposal using any format that best presents and portrays the following elements.  Note: each of the following elements MUST be provided; attach as separate chart or form.

IV. Program/Project Budget Form

Please fill out the separate Program / Project Budget Form. For multi-year requests, please customize form by adding columns for each program year.  For capital project requests, follow instructions under Section C of Budget Form. 

V. Other Required Materials to Complete Application Submission:

February 17, 2017